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Stanley, a coastal village on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, is a must-go place for most visitors to Hong Kong.  Stanley used to be a small fishing village but in recent years, a series of restaurants and pubs have been established here, now this village is bustling and busy with throngs of people. There’s a beach to the northeast of town that never gets as crowded like the one at Repulse bay. The most important dragon-boat races are held at Stanley during the Dragon Boat Festival in early June.

Stanley Market

Stanley Market, located just up the road from the harbour, is the highlight of Stanley.  Over the years it's become known for its bargains, which include silk garments, sportswear, art, Chinese costumes, souvenirs, ornaments and a host of fantastic crafts – something to interest everyone.   It is one of the famous open-air markets in Hong Kong. Strolling in this street and bargaining with the shrewd vendors is something most travellers find amusing and like to try.

Opening hours: 9am - 6pm

Location: Stanley Market Road

You can also visit Murray House, the oldest example of Western architecture. This three-storey colonnaded affair which was built in 1848 took colonial pride of place in Central, on the spot where the Band of China Tower now stands. It stood for almost 150 years, until 1982 and then it was re-erected in 2000.



How to get there:

From Exchange Square Bus Terminus to Stanley Market bus 6, 6A, 6X, 61, 260,


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